Our mission is to improve patients’ lives by identifying, developing and commercializing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs.


Our core values define our corporate practices and demonstrate our commitment to improving patients’ lives.


We value honesty and compliance with all of the laws, rules, regulations and corporate policies that apply to our business, and we expect the same total commitment from our employees, consultants, business partners and service providers. We view our uncompromising commitment to honesty and compliance as a core value — one that we look for in all of our employees.


Like the talented musicians who inspired our company name, we believe that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. Jazz musicians are known for working together to create new and exciting riffs or new variations on familiar themes. Similarly, the hallmark of our collaborative spirit is our ability to work together in creative teams to accomplish not only research and development goals, but also commercial and corporate objectives. Our value of and respect for one another support our collaboration on projects to help patients, patient advocates and our community.


Our passion is our unwavering commitment to improving patient care. The intensity we devote to our efforts and our focus on the efficient development of products to address unmet patient needs are clear evidence of our passion.


Innovation is essential to help patients and health care providers address unmet medical needs. Striving to provide new benefits for unmet patient needs requires us to look for novel solutions, particularly where others have been discouraged by the difficulty of the problem or the small size of the patient population.


In all that we do — our passion and collaboration, our integrity and our caring for patients — we demonstrate our pursuit of excellence. We will always strive to take it to the next level.