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Progress in Childhood Blood Cancers: A Q&A Between Abizer Gaslightwala and Dr. Rachel Rau

Abizer Gaslightwala and Dr. Rachel Rau

At Jazz, our oncology efforts are focused on delivering innovation to improve patient care and quality of life, and we are dedicated to advancing not only scientific understanding of cancers with high unmet needs, including hematologic malignancies like acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) and lymphoblastic lymphoma (LBL), but also meaningful solutions for patients.

ALL and LBL are two rare forms of blood cancer that primarily affect children.1,2,3 These cancers are fast-growing and require intensive treatment to kill the cancer cells.1,2,4,5 Although there have been significant advances in ALL and LBL diagnostics and treatment over the years, ongoing work is needed to optimize therapeutic options and ensure patients with these blood cancers continue to have the best possible outcomes.

Blood Cancer Awareness Month and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, both of which occur in September, promote solidarity in the blood cancer community and offer all of us the opportunity to reaffirm our support. They also serve as an important moment in time to reflect on progress to date in ALL and LBL while also raising awareness of persistent unmet needs in the space.

Recently, Abizer Gaslightwala, Vice President, Head of U.S. Hematology and Oncology at Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Rachel Rau from Seattle Children’s Hospital sat down to discuss important topics in the fight against childhood blood cancers, including recent advancements, the importance of continuity of care and the future of ALL and LBL research.


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