Jazz Pharmaceutical’s Global Head of Supply Chain Philip Lavelle discusses the often-hidden function of supply chain and what is needed to get medicines safely and quickly to patients.

Women have played an essential role in the battle against COVID-19, accounting for the majority of frontline workers1 and leading valuable response efforts within many communities and organizations. Still, the pandemic is chipping away at hard-won advances in gender equality.

Sleep Awareness Month is an opportunity to educate ourselves and others about how sleep disorders can disrupt the daily lives of people living with these conditions. Each year, I think about the conversations I’ve had with patients, families and advocacy groups, reflecting on the progress we’ve made, the challenges patients still face and the opportunities we have to support this community in innovative ways.

As COVID-19 changes our world, it has never been more critical for leaders within our industry to share insights, key learnings and best practices to develop solutions that redefine possibilities for the patients we serve.