Life-Changing Medicines. Redefining Possibilities.

Everything we do at Jazz Pharmaceuticals is focused on three things: putting patients first, being a great place to work, and living our shared values.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc (NASDAQ: JAZZ) is a global biopharmaceutical company whose purpose is to innovate to transform the lives of patients. We are focused on developing life-changing medicines for people with serious diseases — often with limited or no options — so they can live their lives more fully. By transforming biopharmaceutical discoveries into novel medicines, we are working to give people around the world the opportunity to redefine what’s possible – to make the “small wins” big again.

Through continued investment in an evolving and growing research and development focus, we seek solutions for rare or complex diseases, and ensure those solutions are available for the often-overlooked patients who need them. Our approach has allowed us to shepherd new medicines to market – from late-stage discovery through clinical development and regulatory approval. All of these advancements are a reflection of our continued investment in an evolving and growing research and development focus.

What’s in a Name?

In music, Jazz is the art of harnessing individual talents through collaboration, improvisation and constant evolution. It’s unique in its sound and composition, and the connections it creates are personal. In health care, it is much the same.

We chose the name Jazz because it reflects not only how we approach our business but also – and more importantly – how we approach our responsibility to change people’s lives.

We blend the lessons of art with our deep understanding of patients’ needs and the power of science to develop and introduce medicines for people who often do not have other options. It’s this unique philosophy and our commitment to those we serve that defines Jazz Pharmaceuticals.