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Leader Perspectives

Revolutionizing Sleep: Nearly Two Decades of Dedicated Service to the Sleep Community

Kim Sablich, Executive Vice President and General Manager, US

For nearly 20 years, Jazz Pharmaceuticals has been a leader in sleep medicine. Since our founding, we have focused on innovating to transform the lives of patients and advancing solutions that may impact people living with serious diseases where there are limited or no other options. This is why we have worked diligently to bring solutions to patients that keep their holistic health in mind, particularly those living with debilitating sleep disorders.

Our Longstanding Commitment to Improving Patient Outcomes

As a company, we dedicate ourselves to delivering patient-centric solutions that aim to improve the care and quality of life of those who rely on us, most notably those living with narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is a chronic, neurologic sleep disorder with symptom onset typically in childhood or adolescence, and often requires lifelong treatment.1,2 Additionally, patients with narcolepsy are at two-to-three times the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.3,4

Through our work, we know the importance of prioritizing patients’ overall health. We understand the challenges the narcolepsy community face, including the impact of these comorbidities on their long-term health. We also know that their increased risk of cardiovascular disease means it is imperative that patients have options that allow them to lower that risk through modifiable risk factors, such as sodium intake. There is agreement across the medical community that reducing sodium decreases cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

Partnering to Benefit the Sleep Community

We are aware that our commitment to patients goes further when we collaborate with our partners in the sleep and greater health communities. This is why we strongly value our partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA). The work we plan to do together is critical for people living with sleep disorders to recognize the connection between sleep disorders and cardiovascular disease, and the best ways to manage their overall health. At this year’s SLEEP meeting, my Jazz colleagues have the privilege of meeting with AHA leadership onsite, and I look forward to seeing the education that the AHA plans to develop throughout the next two years with Jazz’s support.

Cementing Ourselves as a Leader in Sleep Medicine

SLEEP 2023 serves as an important opportunity to highlight our commitment to the sleep community. Our data being presented confirm the importance of providing treatment options that may improve outcomes for the narcolepsy community.

I am proud of our commitment to the narcolepsy community and the annual SLEEP conference is yet another testament to our innovation-first mentality and patient-focused approach to deliver transformative solutions in hard-to-treat and underserved conditions.


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