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The Importance of Quantitative Drug Development

Mat Davis

Recently, Mat Davis, PhD, vice president and head of data science, presented at the 2023 STAT Summit where he shared a key moment in his career when he learned the necessity of breaking down silos to fully embrace the value of data science across R&D organizations. As the use of data continues to increase and evolve, as well as the potential of multiple sources of data to inform development and regulatory pathways – including real world evidence, clinical trials and model informed drug development – the need for integrated data science is even more important today. Jazz is taking a unique approach to data science with interconnected data scientist teams who have broad exposure to our quantitative disciplines that can approach the three avenues together, rather than apart.

We are proud of our 20-year history, and we are not deterred by what may seem difficult. This is an example of the way we push the boundaries where others see obstacles, exploring the world around us to develop and deliver innovative medicines to patients in need.

Please watch the video to learn more from Mat about why Jazz is pioneering new pathways in data science.