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Patient Support


Helping patients get access to medications and services they need.


Help understand your insurance coverage

(specific services may vary by product)*
  • Investigating benefits and verifying patients’ coverage
  • Providing prior authorization and appeals information and support
  • Answering coding and other reimbursement questions
  • Refer patients to financial assistance options

Help with paying for medication

(commercially insured patients only)*
  • Only available for certain Jazz products
  • Provides eligible patients with assistance for out-of-pocket costs, subject to annual maximum
Hand and Heart

Free-drug program for eligible patients

  • Designed to provide Jazz products at no cost to patients who are uninsured or deemed uninsured due to lack of coverage for a Jazz product
  • Subject to financial and residency eligibility criteria

Patient Support Programs
JazzCares: 1-833-533-JAZZ (5299)

For Defitelio®, Rylaze, Vyxeos®, Xyrem®, Xywav®, or Zepzelca® support, contact JazzCares via phone or visit

Health care providers may request to be contacted by a Jazz Access and Reimbursement Manager (ARM) for assistance with additional reimbursement-related questions

Available Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST
Epidiolex Engage: 1-833-GBNGAGE (1-833-426-4243)

For Epidiolex support, contact Epidiolex Engage by phone or visit

Available Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST
* Insurance coverage and plans may vary. The JazzCares Program at Jazz Pharmaceuticals provides general information only and is not a guarantee of any coverage or reimbursement outcome. All treatment decisions rest solely with the treating physician or qualified healthcare professional.