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For nearly 20 years, Jazz has been at the forefront of pioneering innovative medicines for rare, hard-to-treat disorders. Jazz has launched Pioneering Pathways to showcase the people, and pioneering research, behind Jazz’s unique scientific approach. Watch the inaugural episode that focuses on idiopathic hypersomnia and features perspectives from across the community. 

To address the low understanding of idiopathic hypersomnia (IH), Jazz partnered with the Hypersomnia Foundation to launch I Have IH, a disease awareness campaign aimed at increasing knowledge of IH. In a previous Our Stories article, we focused on results from the patient and supporter surveys that unveiled the difficult and prolonged diagnosis journey people with IH and their supporters often endure. In this piece, we focus on additional results from the surveys that show the debilitating effects IH has on day-to-day life.

Idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) is a debilitating neurologic sleep disorder that is not common or widely understood. To address this lack of knowledge around the condition, Jazz partnered with the Hypersomnia Foundation to launch I Have IH, an awareness campaign highlighting physician, patient and supporter perspectives to better understand the level of knowledge of IH and its real-life impact on those living with the disorder. 

As a dedicated supporter of the small cell lung cancer (SCLC) community, Jazz is focused on driving awareness of the fact that there is nothing small or unimportant about SCLC. To support this goal, Jazz and collaborators from the broader healthcare community launched Nothing Small About It (NSAI), a campaign providing solutions to reduce SCLC-related disparities.

Today is an exciting and transformative day for Jazz Pharmaceuticals as we complete the acquisition of @GW Pharmaceuticals and its U.S. subsidiary, @Greenwich Biosciences, a world leader in the science, development and commercialization of regulatory approved cannabinoid medicines.