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Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact

Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact

Our values, underpinned by strong corporate governance, social responsibility and environmental stewardship anchor our corporate strategy and make up key elements of our vision to deliver on our commitment to generate positive outcomes for patients, employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

The pillars of our Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact (CSSI) strategy are Patients, People, Community and Planet. Jazz recognizes the critical importance of these CSSI pillars in achieving our near and long-term business objectives including Vision 2025.


We are innovating to develop life-changing medicines for patients who often have limited or no therapeutic options. We strive to help patients get access to the medications they need, and we advocate for policies that support the lives of patients.


We are committed to creating a company where the culture embodies our corporate purpose to innovate to transform the lives of patients and their families and reflects our key goals: (1) be a great place to work; and (2) live our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, Passion, Innovation and Pursuit of Excellence.


We aim to be an engaged corporate citizen globally and in our communities. We work through direct philanthropy, employee volunteerism and with partners to execute key initiatives that reflect our social impact goals and values.


We seek to operate our business in an environmentally responsible way and are committed to meeting evolving regulatory standards for climate impact, to take steps to reduce our environmental impact and to using sustainable practices.

Our Reports

To learn more about Jazz Corporate Sustainability and Social Impact, read our reports below. Our reports have been prepared with reference to the GRI standards and align with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Agricultural Products and Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals reporting standards that apply to our business.