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Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Clinical Trial Data Sharing

Jazz Pharmaceuticals is committed to improving patient care by developing meaningful products that address unmet medical needs. As part of this commitment, Jazz has established a process to review requests from qualified external researchers for data from Jazz-sponsored clinical trials. As part of Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ approach to sharing data in a responsible manner that includes protecting patient privacy, assurance of data security and integrity, and furthering scientific and medical innovation.


External researchers may submit requests for data generated from Jazz Pharmaceuticals-sponsored clinical trials. Requests must be for data owned by Jazz Pharmaceuticals from completed trials where the product/indication is approved in the US or EU. Researchers submitting a request must not have any actual or potential conflicts of interest.


Submitting a request


  • Each request will be considered by an internal Jazz committee. Requests will be reviewed based on factors including, but not limited to, Jazz’s ability to share the requested data, qualifications of the researcher, legitimacy of the research purpose and scientific merit.
  • Jazz Pharmaceuticals reserves the right to not approve requests for any reason.

Data Access

  • Upon an approved request, a data sharing agreement must be fully executed prior to Jazz granting a researcher access to data.
  • Following request approval and the execution of a data sharing agreement, the researcher will be granted a license to software where the de-identified data will be uploaded. The researcher is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the data while conducting their research and will not transfer the shared data or information to parties not identified in the research proposals, use the data for purposes not included in the research proposal, or seek to de-identify research participants. Any attempt to breach the confidentiality obligations in the data sharing agreement or download the data will result in a revocation of the researcher’s license.


  • The final step in the data sharing process is when the researcher publishes their research findings. Jazz reserves the right to review the manuscript/items for publication. However, Jazz cannot exercise editorial control over the publication.