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Our Partnering Approach

Jazz is committed to excellence in partnering – which for us means leveraging our culture, our core values and our expertise when working with alliance partners. Together, we advance promising products and create value for both Jazz and our partners that exceeds what either of us may be able to do individually.

While we continue to invest in internal product development, partnering in some manner has been and continues to be a key theme in our Growth Story. We continue searching for new options for people continuing to struggle for solutions.

We want our partners to view us as being strategic, collaborative and communicative, specifically providing us feedback that we are consistently demonstrating these key characteristics. This includes:

Being Strategic means:

  • keeping the big picture at the forefront;
  • demonstrating a willingness to share risks and rewards in order to achieve joint alliance goals and objectives;
  • focusing on long term results and ensuring our partners feel they are a key part of Jazz’s growth strategy.

Showcasing Collaboration means:

  • being fair and considerate of partner views and interests;
  • recognizing the expertise of partners;
  • valuing what they bring to Jazz: being trustworthy, agile and responsive partners.

Being Communicative means:

  • listening first and striving for mutual understanding;
  • recognizing that we will not always be in full agreement but being 
    candid, transparent, and respectful to our partner’s perspectives;
  • being open and willing to share expertise and viewpoints;
  • engaging in constructive debate that informs the best decisions.

Alliance Management leads Jazz in developing and embedding partnering excellence into the fiber of our company, to be a resource for teams working in alliances, and to be oriented towards achieving the objectives of the alliance. The team is responsible for establishing our partnering excellence operating model, including developing the key capabilities to improve how Jazz partners through tools, training and tailored guidance for given alliances.