Patient Assistance


Committed to helping you get access to Jazz medications and the support you need

Learn more about JazzCares support offerings by going to

1-833-533-JAZZ (5299) Monday-Friday, 8 AM-8 PM ET


Helps you understand your insurance coverage (Specific services may vary by product)

Investigates benefits and verifies your coverage

Provides prior authorization and appeals support

Answers coding and other reimbursement questions

Refers you to other financial assistance


Helps you pay for your medication(Commercially insured patients only)

Only available for certain Jazz products

If you are eligible, provides assistance for out-of-pocket costs, subject to annual maximum

Hand and Heart

Free drug program, if you are eligible

Provides Jazz products at no cost if you are uninsured or deemed uninsured due to lack of coverage for a Jazz product

Subject to financial and residency eligibility criteria

Patient Support Hotline: 1-833-533-JAZZ (5299)
Available Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 8 PM EST

Health care providers may request to be contacted by a Jazz Access and Reimbursement Manager (ARM) for assistance with additional reimbursement-related questions

* Insurance coverage and plans may vary. The JazzCares Program at Jazz Pharmaceuticals provides general information only and is not a guarantee of any coverage or reimbursement outcome. All treatment decisions rest solely with the treating physician or qualified healthcare professional.