Patient Stories

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Receiving a diagnosis of any kind has implications not just for the person on the receiving end, but also for their family, friends and the people closest to them. As part of our commitment to patients and their care teams, this National Family Caregivers Month, we shine a light on this essential role and its many nuances.

During National Family Caregivers Month, we recognize and honor family caregivers who dedicate time and resources to caring for their loved ones. Jazz is committed to raising awareness of the essential role that caregivers play and the challenges they face, and to educating communities on ways to increase support for them.

Living an adventurous life at the age of 22, Caroline thought she was pursuing her dream. At the time, she was living in Korea, where she was teaching elementary school and applying for her Ph.D. after completing a bachelor’s degree in Immunology from the University of Edinburgh. She never would have suspected that what she thought was just a regular cold, maybe caught from her young students, would ultimately lead to a life-changing and potentially life-threatening diagnosis.

While Mark has been living with essential tremor (ET) for more than 40 years, his condition has grown progressively worse for the last three decades, creating significant problems in his day-to-day life. As a middle school teacher, he found it increasingly challenging to complete simple tasks, like writing on the board or grading papers.