Medical Education
Medical Education
Our Medical Education Grants program is committed to funding high-quality, independent, effective medical education programs related to our core therapeutic areas (sleep, oncology, transplant) and designed for specialty healthcare professionals, with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Funding priorities
include: medical education meetings, conferences, or symposia; medical center grand rounds lectures; fellowships; enduring medical education activities; and similar educational activities.

Examples of Eligible Recipients:

  • Medical Schools
  • Medical Associations/Medical Societies
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Not-for-profit- Organizations
  • Medical Education Providers

How to Apply

Grant requests to support medical education should be submitted using the Jazz Pharmaceuticals Management Request System.

This site is for requests from US-based organizations only. The system will guide applicants through the process of determining the request type and the required documents for each request.

Submissions are due at least 60 days in advance of the activity date. All decisions regarding support are communicated via email.

Medical Educational Grants may be given in support of educational activities directed toward healthcare professionals or patients and may include funding for accredited/certified continuing education, fellowships, ground rounds and patient education.

The following grant requests are not covered by the educational grant request process: requests for funding educational activities that are promotional in nature (e.g., brand-specific promotional speaker activities); requests for funding activities related to promotion of a commercial product (e.g., commercial exhibits); and operational funding for patient advocacy organizations.

Jazz Pharmaceuticals does not control or influence the content of programs or the selection of speakers, authors, or faculty planners.

For more information, or for questions regarding the status of a grant request, please email or call us at 855-540-1980.

For medical education requests outside of the US, please contact