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Given the limited recognition of idiopathic hypersomnia, there is not substantial data on the burden of symptoms on those living with the disorder. Recent real-world evidence from a self-reported survey published in Nature and Science of Sleep reveals more insights around idiopathic hypersomnia symptoms and patients’ satisfaction with treatment regimens.

Dravet syndrome is a rare, severe, lifelong form of treatment-resistant epilepsy that typically begins in the first year of life.

The onset of cardiovascular events and risk factors is high among those living with narcolepsy, even among patients who do not have a history of these cardiovascular conditions. Learn more about the key findings of the CV-BOND study, recently presented by Rami H. Ben-Joseph, Ph.D., head of big data real world evidence at Jazz.

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by the occurrence of at least two unprovoked seizures occurring more than 24 hours apart or by one unprovoked seizure with a high probability of further seizures.