There’s Nothing Small About It – Equipping Patient Communities with Resources to Manage Their Small Cell Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Abizer Gaslightwala

In the U.S., approximately 13 percent of lung cancers are small cell lung cancers (SCLC). At Jazz, our goal is to support patients with the greatest unmet medical needs to make the greatest impact.

As part of our larger effort to understand the impact we can have beyond the science, we listen closely to patients, physicians and advocacy groups on ways to positively support people living with difficult-to-treat diseases like SCLC. What we have heard clearly from this community is that an SCLC diagnosis often raises many questions about the disease itself, as well as its impact on the quality of one’s life and the high emotional toll on both patients and caregivers.

These conversations propelled us to assemble a group of advisors comprised of experts from leading lung cancer advocacy organizations and multidisciplinary professionals to develop a program devoted to the unique emotional, social and physical health needs of the SCLC community.

Nothing Small About It (NSAI) is an online program from Jazz Pharmaceuticals, developed in consultation with leading cancer organizations CancerCare, GO2 Foundation for Lung Cancer, Lung Cancer Foundation of America and LUNGevity Foundation. NSAI is the first digital hub dedicated solely to SCLC patients and caregivers. It provides user-friendly content that puts real people and their stories at the center of the experience, enabling patients and caregivers living with SCLC to become informed advocates for their health and well-being.

NSAI takes an user friendly approach to SCLC awareness by educating patients and caregivers with information to manage SCLC at each stage of diagnosis. This singular platform features a collection of intimate testimonials from people living with SCLC and those who care for them, and it was developed to meet people exactly where they are in their individual cancer journeys. The program also creates connections to trusted resources developed by cancer advocates and organizations, so that people living with SCLC and their caregivers can dig deeper into various topics such as choosing a treatment plan, and maintaining emotional and physical wellness, among many others.

We will continue our work with these experts to create additional content, humanize the challenges that come with SCLC and highlight more patient and caregiver voices, empowering athose affected by the disease to be actively informed participants in maintaining psychosocial health and well-being in managing this difficult disease.

At Jazz, we prioritize collaborating with various stakeholders in the healthcare community to understand patients’ needs so that, in turn, we may provide our support where the greatest unmet need exists. We will continue to listen to patients, physicians, care teams and advocacy groups to seize opportunities to improve how patients and their loved ones can cope with diseases that have difficult prognoses. And we will make each decision knowing that it has the potential to transform the lives of patients and their families.

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