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“Jazz’s robust R&D pipeline is continuously expanding to meet the needs of the everchanging landscape of cancer treatment. Our goal is to deliver the most effective treatment to the patients that need it the most.” – Jeff Silverman, vice president, early development

Jazz’s dynamic approach to drug discovery allows us to redefine what is possible in the treatment of cancer.

Innovation That Performs

Pushing the Boundaries of Treatment Technology

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the treatment of cancer. Across tumor types, cancer is complex and often very difficult to treat. As a result, more therapies than ever use multiple drugs delivered to the patient simultaneously.

While this type of combination therapy has the benefit of targeting multiple pathways, it faces significant challenges to successful delivery. Standard modes of drug administration may lead to uncoordinated or antagonistic effects at the tumor site.1,2 This can result in suboptimal or highly variable results for patients receiving combination therapy.

These effects have inspired researchers at Jazz Pharmaceuticals to study our patented CombiPlex® platform in a wide range of tumor types. CombiPlex improves cancer therapy by using extremely small (nano-scale) carriers to deliver optimal ratios of multiple anticancer agents directly to cancer cells over a prolonged period of time.

Now, we are pushing the boundaries of this approach to discover new options for patients with solid tumors and hematological malignancies.

At Jazz Pharmaceuticals, we are committed to seeking solutions for patients with complex diseases, so they can live their lives more fully. Our dynamic approach to drug discovery allows us to redefine what’s possible in the treatment of cancer.

“I’m proud to be working on a team that not only challenges the status quo, but also each other,” said Jeff Silverman, vice president, early development at Jazz Pharmaceuticals. “We find flexibility in diverse ideas and understand that when great talents come together in a setting like this, anything is possible – especially changing lives.”

At Jazz, we know there is always more work to do, which is why we’ve never lost sight of the integrity, intellectual curiosity and commitment to continuous evolution that has defined our culture from the beginning.

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